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Покупай Ставропольское Открытое правительство ГБУСО "Георгиевский ЦСОН"


The responsible person in the administration  of
Georgievsk municipal area
In Stavropol region  for  interaction with investors
The Deputy head of administration of
Georgievsk municipal area in Stavropol region

Strelnikov Gennadiy Vasilevich

Tel.: (87951) 5-02-00

е-mail: zamglavimup@gmr-sk.ru

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to the portal of   the investment  activity of Georfievskiy area in Stavropol region.
The main strategic aim of the administration is to attract the investments into the economy of the area,  to provide the stable and dynamic development of industries, that  will have advantages in the domestic and foreign markets.
The target of the investment policy of the administration  is to create optimal conditions for investment of domestic and foreign capital in priority sectors of economy of Georgievskiy area and to provide the state guarantees to the most effective investment projects.
I invite all investors for cooperation!

The structural unit to carry out activities to improve the investment climate